Reasons to buy Girl Scout cookies

Reasons to buy Girl Scout cookies

Besides, how could you say no to those faces?

It’s cookie sales time in the Girl Scout world, which means that you’re bound to be asked by a little girl in a be-patched uniform (my daughter included) to buy a box of cookies, please. Maybe you made a resolution to not eat sweets this year, or you don’t even like the cookies much. They’re only $3.50 a box, however, and they’re for such a good cause. They fund camps, Girl Scouts programs, programs for Scouts whose mothers are in jail, and so many more worthy endeavors. If you need a reason to buy cookies this cookie season, here are a few you might want to consider.

You can cook with them. There are tons of Girl Scout cookie recipes all over the web. Just google the type of cookie you have alongside the term “recipes” and you will find dozens of ways to use them.

They freeze. So if you want to skip them now and enjoy them down the road or serve them at a spring party, you can do just that without feeling guilty.

They make great gifts. You are bound to know a cookie fanatic in your family or friends; buy a few boxes for him or her to support the cause. Again, they freeze, so if you need to save them for a surprise down the road like a birthday celebration, feel free.

They’re great to share. You can take them to work and put them out for folks to enjoy at office parties or just because. Help increase the camaraderie between people using the copy machine! Maybe you’ll make a new friend or two.

They teach kids great skills. Tell moms and dads that you’ll only buy from the kids (with parent present, of course) so the kids can learn about business skills, communication, entrepreneurship, money handling, and more. The Girl Scouts is the largest organization that teaches these skills for girls in the world.

Help the young girls in your life attain their goals. My daughter selected a goal that’s not completely undoable, but that’s still challenging. I’m pretty proud of her for picking this level—even though it’s mostly because she wants a stuffed dolphin. Ask your scout about her goals and offer tips for how she might be able to make the goal.

They support female leadership, friendship, citizenship and so many other worthwhile concepts. The Girl Scouts is one of the best places where girls can become strong, independent people who grow into community leaders. Your support helps makes this happen!