Homemade Pudding Parfaits: My New Addiction

Homemade Pudding Parfaits: My New Addiction

I just love those parfaits from KFC.  I remember having one as a child and the memory of that taste stayed with me.  Not often does fast food fodder have that impact, but those Little Bucket Parfaits are delicious. 

Fast forward to today, and I have grown into a frugal woman with kids of my own.  Rarely do we eat out, and KFC doesn’t even make it to our list of possibilities anymore, so what to do when the craving for one of those parfaits just won’t go away?  Make your own, of course!

You can make a homemade pudding parfait in just a few minutes, and it is way better than even KFC’s version.

First, start with graham cracker crust mix.  You can make your own by crushing graham crackers with a rolling pin, adding a couple tablespoons of melted butter and optional sugar.

Layer the bottom of four cups with about an inch of graham cracker crust.  Tamp the crust down to form a solid layer, or leave it loose and it will mingle with the pudding.

Next, mix your favorite pudding flavor according to the package instructions.  Distribute it amongst the four cups and refrigerate for the regular amount of time, as per your pudding package.

Once the pudding has set, grab a spoon and some Redi-Whip, top the pudding with generous whipped cream and dig in.

The trick to pure enjoyment is to dip your spoon all the way through each layer, getting equal amounts of all three.  My husband prefers to mix it all up before he eats it, but I like to leave each layer distinct so it has its own moment of individuality when I take a bite.

You can add some fruit or other goodies to the pudding before it sets for even more flavor bliss.  The pudding parfait is one of those desserts that you keep on hand all the time – you never know when the urge will strike!