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New Girl Scout Cookie Introduced

Lemon wedge cookie celebrates 100 years of Girl Scouts
Girl Scout Cookies are a brilliant example of a forced scarcity. If thin mints and tagalongs were readily available for purchase on the supermarket shelves, do you really think adults and children from all walks would go out of their heads trying to procure them? They'd just be another sugary treat bought only in moments of weakness, usually passed by, growing stale between the Oreos and the Milanos. But because every box needs to be hand-delivered by a tiny agent of deliciousness--because we can only secure a package in moments of serendipity, when one of our co-workers mentions that her daughter is selling cookies, or when a team of girl scouts rings our doorbell on an unsuspecting afternoon--our hunger for those cookies grows. I once kept a box of thin mints in the freezer for eight whole months, savoring every cookie as if it were my last, just in case fate never brought me another sweet-bearing little girl again. Girl Scout Cookies make us joyfully irrational. And they're about to expand their arsenal of delicious baked goods. 
The new cookies will be known as Savannah Smiles. Rolled out in celebration of the organization's 100th year anniversary, they'll be named in honor of founder Juliette Gordon Low's home town. The Savannah Smile is reported to be a cool, crisp bite of lemon; a more citrusy addition to the existing lineup of traditional flavors. I seriously doubt that any cookie, no matter how lemony, could displace the thin mint in my seat of confectionary honor, but we'll see how these guys do.