Travel the World with Pepperidge Farm

Travel the World with Pepperidge Farm

Each of the Pepperidge Farm cookies are named after a location.

The other day, I was shopping hungry again.  I really need to stop doing that!  Right there in the center aisle, tantalizingly close and inexpensive, was a box of assorted chocolate delights from Pepperidge Farm.  Have you experienced the deliciousness of Pepperidge Farm yet?  If not, you are really missing out on cookies that taste like they should cost a lot more than they do.

Each of the PF cookies are named after a location, a fact I learned as I greedily devoured Milanos, Genevas and other such geographic delights.  My weakness has always been orange Milano cookies, until I bought this assortment and discovered my new true love, Geneva cookies.  They are crispy little wafer cookies with chocolate and bits of pecans, which four-year old son mistook for teeth.  Together, we annihilated all the Genevas in about two seconds.

If those weren’t good enough, there were the Tahiti cookies, which are soft, melt-y coconut cookies with a layer of chocolate in the middle.

I never knew how many Pepperidge Farm delicacies there were, and that was just the chocolate assortment.  I will have to try the other box on my next hungry shopping trip, or maybe I will just send my husband, who has considerably more willpower than I, for the next trip.

Next time you are at the store, perhaps you should get a ticket to travel the world with Pepperidge Farm.  Your waist may not appreciate it, but your mouth surely will, and it sure is a less expensive way to get a taste of the world.