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Creepy Halloween Deserts

Halloween with the family can go much further than costumes and trick-or-treating. This season is so much fun in the kitchen with the kids too. What other time would have an excuse to eat worms and spiders and make mummy pizzas? From creepy deserts to crawly dinners and the spooky drinks and stomach churning snacks, I have found some of the most creative yet simple recipes that you can put together with your kids this Halloween from Disney’s Family Fun. These recipes are a great way to spend time with your little ones and killing the rainy day boredom doing something they will always remember.

Today we’ll start with some creepy but tasty deserts. As the weather starts to get colder teeth seem to get sweeter.  First on the desert list is some Forked Eyeballs. This recipe is super simple and they are served on the fork you use to make them with. Using donut holes, you cover them in white chocolate that you have melted from white chocolate chips, add a regular chocolate chip with the tip cut off for the pupil and then take a tube of red decorating frosting to make squiggly lines for the bulging veins. Leave the fork in the eyeballs, handle side down in a coffee mug while the chocolate firms back up.

How does Frozen Frog Eggs sound? If you love kiwi, then this one is for you. While it is a sweet treat, this one is more on the healthy side of deserts. For this recipe you will need a couple kiwi, some honey and limeade to blend together. Once blended you pour the mixture into eight 3oz cups and place in a casserole dish large enough to hold them all. Then cover it with tinfoil and use Halloween colored popsicle sticks to poke through the tin foil and into each cup. The frozen frog eggs will take about four hours before they are done. To get them out of the cup easily dip them in warm water.

Brain Cupcakes will finish our deserts for the day. This recipe is probably the most simple that I have found to do today. All you have to do is make cupcakes like you normally would or buy a box of mix that’s ready to go. When they are done let them cool and in the mean time throw together some butter cream frosting and yellow and pink food coloring. Mix the colors together until you have your preferred brain color. When ready, put the frosting into a pastry bag with a number 10 tip. Work your way from the middle of the cake out, making squiggly lines until it’s all filled in and your brains are good enough to eat.