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Newman's Own Ginger-O's

It's an Oreo, but with ginger cookies instead of chocolate. SO GOOD.


If you are a fan of Oreos, and you have never tried the Newman's Own version, then you should really try those first. I am absolutely smitten with the Newman's Own Oreos, called "Newman-O's." They come in the standard chocolate cookie/vanilla crème filling, plus several variations including mint, peanut butter, and more. And they are DELICIOUS. So tasty that I no longer allow myself to buy them, because I find myself at real risk of eating the entire package in one day.
So: Ginger-O's. I am a big fan of ginger in any form. Ginger is one of those magical substances that is good in both sweet and savory forms. I have built up a pretty serious tolerance to ginger over the years. I can nibble slices of raw ginger without batting an eye. So when I say that the ginger flavor in these cookies is a little milder than I would like, that's the perspective I'm coming from. I bet that for most people, these taste really ginger-y!

My benchmark for ginger snaps is the thin Danish cookies that (for whatever unknown reason) you can often find at drug stores like Walgreens and Bartell's. Anna's Cookies are thin, dark, crispy, and have a great ginger kick.
Somewhere farther down the scale we have the usual ginger snaps, which are typically thick and cakey in texture, with a taste that is (to my palate) more molasses than ginger. But quite tasty nevertheless.
These cookies are like neither of those. I specify this, because that's what I was expecting. Instead, what we have here is an Oreo cookie where the cookie bit is blonde in color, with a vanilla ginger taste. 
I don't think I've ever tasted ginger paired with vanilla crème before. (Unless you count my favorite homemade smoothie: vanilla yogurt, frozen peaches, and a good dose of ground ginger. Blend until smooth.) I must say, I became a fan the instant I bit into one of these cookies. The ginger in the cookie pairs so well with the delicious sweet vanilla crème filling. 
Ginger is a popular spice in many other cultures, but I find it woefully under-used in ours. I commend Newman's Own for coming out with an entirely novel ginger cookie - and a really yummy one, to boot. Ginger fans, rejoice! Oreo fans: expand your horizons! 
A final note: I would expect these to be an interesting and delicious substitute for Oreos in recipes, as well. Imagine a cookies & cream milkshake, cake, or cheesecake, but with ginger cookies instead of chocolate!